Why is important confidentiality in a care home?

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Confidentiality is important in a care home because confidentiality is important in any type of medical care situation, because people deserve and appreciate discretion where their medical care is concerned.

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Q: Why is important confidentiality in a care home?
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Why is important confidentiality in a care home is it cqc standard to have care plans locked away?

Confidentiality in care home is very important because of the family background of some of the minors.

Why confidentiality is important in health and social care?

Confidentiality is very important in health an social care. This is because people may use someone's health against them as discrimination for an unlawful purpose.

Why is confidentiality important in care setting?

confidentiality is important in carework setting because you need to be brave about your job. you need to do what is told and try the best you can for your individual.

Why is it important to maintain confidentiality in care work?

it is important because people's privacy should be maintained, also they may sue you, if u don't maintain confidentiality.

What do you understand by the word confidentiality and why is it important?

preserving the privacy of the person you take care of.

How do you seek advice about confidentiality in care?

You go home and re-evaluate your life

In what circumstances might you have to breach confidentiality in a care home setting?

If a persons safety or health may be in danger it may be justified to breach confidentiality.

What are the important roles that health care workers play in documentation confidentiality maintenance and credibility of the medical record?

What is the important role that healthcare workers play in documentation, confidentiality, main thence, and credibility of the medical recorded

Why is the care value base important to clients needs?

the care value base is important to clients needs cause they need to be safe and protected, plus they need secure confidentiality.

Why important confidentiality?

confidentiality is important as it creates a barier to information and detailwhich could be accessed and which can't.

What are service users rights in a care home?

Privacy, Choice, Respect, Dignity, Safety, Freedom of speech, Confidentiality and Opinions

Definition of Confidentiality in health and social care?

confidentiality is an informaton that must not be disclose with a third party.

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