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maybe your boyfriend is just showing off to his mates but, if you feel insecure tell him and he should stop showing his friends after all its not his breast !!!!!!!!!

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2010-07-11 20:16:27
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Q: Why does your boyfriend show his friends your breast?
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Should you show your breast to your boyfriend?

Sure. Why not. Fact: guys love boobs!

What body parts should you show your boyfriend?

You should show your butt your pussies and breast to keep him satisfied

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show them girl(: he will love them!

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An hour if not less, if you know what your doing

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Not necessarily. He may be wanting them for publicity. Brian Zembic, a Canadian gambler, went on the Mans Show and got breast implants for money and publicity.

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What do you do if you fancy your best friends boyfriend?

your friends boyfriend will breakup with your friend, and your friend will get mad at you.

Is it a sin for your boyfriend to touch your breast?

In some, yes

Does breast sucking by your boyfriend leads to delay in periods?


What do you do if your hotter than you should be for your boyfriend and all his friends start flirting with you making your boyfriend mad?

I would talk to him about this situation and be as clingy as possible for a little be to show his friends that they should back off or tell them yourselves to back off.

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