Why do your hands go numb?

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There a number of reasons why your hands go numb. This is mostly associated with the damage of nerves which hinders proper circulation of blood.

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Q: Why do your hands go numb?
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Why do your hands go numb when you sleep?

your hands go numb or goto sleep because the temperature you live in, or probably you put water on your hands too much......................................

Can adderall xr make your hands and fingers and feet go numb?

Yes it can my hands and feet are numb right now from it

Make your hand go numb?

put hands in cold water

Why does your hands go numb?

i really do not know, i was hoping you was going to tell me ...poor circulation

What cause hands to go numb?

spurs on lumbar vertebrae or problems in ulnar nerve

Why do my hands feet fingers and toes go numb when I take opiates?

my buddy had a similar problem if he would take it the night before next morning his toes would go numb

Why do hands go numb?

many reasons, can't tell unless you know exactly what you have been doing that would cause your hands to go numb and what temperature you live in, because if it's super cold where you live, and the circulation could be cut off also

What is good about a heated steering wheel?

The heated steering wheel will help you stay awake and your hands don't go numb! It is very dangerous to have numb hands because you can't feel ANYTHING and you might not turn quickly.

Both hands go to sleep while sleeping?

This usually indicates that a person is lying on his hands. After a while, the reduced blood flowing to the hands makes them feel numb.

Is it normal when you have a fever my hands and fingers are numb?

my son has a 102.2 fever he is 18 years old but his hands and fingers are numb! is that normal?

Why do your hands and fingers go tingly and numb when you breath deeply or sigh?

Could be thoracic outlet syndrome.

Why do your hands go numb and tingly when you fall?

Its a self defence reaction so the nerves aren't damaged.

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