Why do you pee if you put your hand in warm water?

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When you are exposed to warm water, it relaxes your muscles. kind of like having the urge to pee when your in the shower or taking a hot bath.

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Q: Why do you pee if you put your hand in warm water?
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How do you make an adult pee a diaper?

Put their hand in warm water

How do you make someone pee when sleeping?

Put there hand in a bucket of warm water.

How do you make somebody pee their pants?

From TV I would say if there asleep then put there hand in warm water

How do you make someone pee in their pants?

1. scare them 2. put their hand in warm water while thery are sleeping

Are there any magic spells to cause a person to pee?

I've not come across any but when their sleeping you can put their hand in warm water it works.

Some pranks you can play on your big sister?

put your hand under warm water, shove over your sisters face and say " ugh! i hate it when i pee on my hand" put vinegar in a cup, put ice in it, offer it to her, and theyll think its water

How do you make yourself pee your pants?

I don't know why on earth you would want to but if you really do, drink ten glasses of water and you'll need to pee in minutes, and just pee. But if you want to make yourself pee in your sleep, put your hand in warm water and you will pee yourself. This works with other people as a practical joke.

How do you encourage veins to dilate?

put your hand in warm water

How can you make a twelve year old pee her pants?

You wait until she is asleep them put her hand in a bowl of luke-warm water and watch for results (this might not work it is conditional).

Is it true that if you put someone's hand in a cup of water while they sleep they'll pee on themselves?

Putting someone's hand in warm water while they are sleeping can cause their muscles to relax, including the muscle that holds them back from peeing in their sleep.

What are some good sleepover pranks for guys?

One good one i know of is the-hand-in-a-bowl-of-warm-water-trick. When your friend(a.k.a victim) goes to sleep, get a bowl of warm water and put their hand in it somehow, and they will have to take a pee! XD Also read april's fool's jokes

How do you make someone pee while they are asleep?

Put their hand in a bowl full of luke warm water or room temp. leave it their for a little while it should work pretty quickly

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