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So that in case if a disease is going on or around the country even, they know who has a less risk of catching it and who should probably get a vaccine.

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Q: Why do you need vaccines shots before school?
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What types of shots do puppies need?

They need their vaccines at 4 months of age.

Why dogs need shots?

To protect against diseases, viruses, and illnesses with known cures or vaccines. Same reason that you received "shots" as a child.

Why does a cat need its shots before being spayed?

The typical vaccines given to a cat can harm the inborn kittens, causing severe birth defects or death (miscarriage).

Does a baby calf get shots from a veterinarian?

Not generally - most cow-calf operators have the skill to give neonatal vaccines to newborn calves themselves without having a veterinarian out to give the shots. This is more economical for the producer, and the calves get the vaccines they need.

Do canadians need any shots before leaving to Ireland if so when do they need to be done?

No, you do not need any shots before travelling to Ireland.

What vaccines do I need before traveling to Africa?

You will need different vaccines depending on what area of Africa you are travelling to. Please see the related link for more information.

How many shots do you need to go to middle school?

i dont undertand......

Do dogs need there shots in order to have puppies?

It would be a good idea for your dogs shots to be done before she gets pregnant but just think though , Do dogs in the wild have shots before they have pups?

What vaccines do bunnies need?

Being caged animals, pet rabbits do not require shots such as rabies. Vaccinations are not necessary. Always check with your vet for recommendations, however.

Do you need to take shots before you go to Canada?

yes because you have to.

Does a puppy need its shots before it's sold?

if its at a store yes if not no

Can you administer the horses the shots yourself or have to have vet do it?

You can administer shots yourself in general, however you need to know what vaccines are necessary and when it is appropriate to give them. You also need to know how to recognize an adverse reaction. In some states, you cannot administer rabies vaccinations yourself. Many shows/facilities will not recognize owner administered vaccines, as well.If you choose to give vaccinations yourself, you should be aware that vaccine handling affects the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. When purchasing vaccines from pet supply or vet supply stores, the chance that vaccines have not been adequately handled increases because they have been shipped more than once.

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