Why do you get dizzy when you get up to fast?

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The fluid in your brain starts spinning. You get dizzy when you get up too fast because when you are sitting down, all the the blood is in you arms and legs, but when you stand up really quick, all of the blood rushes to your head, therefore you either get a headache or get dizzy. Its basically the reaction to the speed of your blood movement.

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Q: Why do you get dizzy when you get up to fast?
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Why do you feel dizzy and can't see when you get up too fast?

This can be caused by high blood pressure.

Why does your body shake after you get up too fast not Dizzy but shake?

The lack of blood flowing to your brain.

What does it mean if i have a fast heartbeat and feel dizzy?

If you have a fast heart beat and feeling dizzy it is called syncope.Two of the signs of a cardiac problem.

Could I be dizzy from not eating?

You can get dizzy from not eating , getting up to fast, or even a lot of other reasons. I would ask a Doctor or at least go see a Doctor.

Why do you get dizzy when you stand up too fast?

The presure in the air is higher than is was at the level of height you were at before you got up, and depending on how fast you stand up the level of dizzyness may differ.

By how much is earths rotation slowing?

if the earth moves to fast we could end up getting dizzy and dying

Once when I was on a field trip with my class. We went to the pioneer church in town. Well when we were in the church I suddenly felt dizzy and disoriented. Was it paranormal you think?

You were dizzy from standing up to fast. Don't do that.

When was Dizzy Up the Girl created?

Dizzy Up the Girl was created on 1998-09-22.

Why do i get dizzy when i run in circles?

The fluids in your ears start to move very fast and that makes you dizzy. Hold on to something that doesn't move to keep them from moving and you will become un-dizzy. (Is that a word?)

What are whirling beetles?

Armoured bugs that get really dizzy then throw up Armoured bugs that get really dizzy then throw up

Why don't we get dizzy from the world spinning so fast?

Gravity holds us down.

Why do you become dizzy after a massage?

The most common reason that some people get dizzy after a massage has to do with the transition from being relaxed and lying down and then change to a vertical position standing up too fast. If you ever laid out in the sun and then stood up too quickly that you experienced a slight dizzy feeling, then you have experienced the same thing. A good massage will relax you, and then if the massage therapist does not get you up slowly, you may experience dizziness of even fainting.

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