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The cramps are a symptom of muscle fatigue, low sodium, or low potassium, but the cause of your cramps is most likely muscle fatigue.

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Q: Why do you feel cramps in your legs after running hard?
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Why do you get severe cramps in legs after long exercise?

Because your muscles are sore after a long day of hard nonstop work.

How can speed be improved?

you kep running every day and you will work out your legs and do not push your self to hard alright

What is the cause of heavy legs and cramps?

chronic venous insufecieny

How does night time cramps happen?

it happens from all of the running and pain you get in your legs or stomach it also happens if you run after eating foot and go to bed it does it by all of the energy building up

What should be done with the legs of a casualty who is suffering from heat cramps?


Why do women catch cramps in their legs before their periods?

growing pains

What do girls legs feel like?

Just like your legs feel like. Human legs are human legs.

My last period was May 28 Its now July 16 and I feel nauseous at the smell of fish I've gained weight I feel cramps in my abdomen and legs could I be pregnant?

Yes. You are either pregnant or you have a disease and are dying!

How long does it take for legs to strengthen?

To get your legs to strengthen by running and running because this is using your muscles and that helps your legs to strengthen.

Does aspirin help to prevent leg cramps?

If you are experiencing leg cramps because of blocked arteries in the legs, you can take a low dose of aspirin to prevent these cramps, combined with exercise.

Can low iron cause leg cramps and swelling of legs?

The most common deficiency associated with leg cramps and swelling is potassium.

What happens when you do not stretch your legs after running?

well, if you do not stretch after running your leg muscles could become tight. and if its a long run or a hard run for you then it could become hard to walk on the next day and you COULD be really sore.

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