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Women have breasts because they are the ones that carry and feed babies. A womans breast produces milk whenever she has a child; human babies cant eat other foods for a period of time. Men also have breasts, but they do not become enlarged like a womans (unless there is a medical condition).

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Q: Why do women have to have breasts and there the ones who have babies why cant guys have it?
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Do must women like guys to touch there breasts?


What do guys like about women?

Mostly they like their breasts, but they also like anything that she does, or any interests that they share.

Why do guys like to suck on women's breasts?

Sometimes just because they find the breasts to be beautiful, and want to kiss and taste them, as others prefer to attend to the buttocks or the feet. (Also many women demand that you should suck their breasts.) Or sometimes because they have a psychological need to return to the breast, as in babyhood.

Are women as attracted to penises as men are to breasts?

I think some women can be. After all how many tentative conversations have any of us guys had about ladies looking at guys packages? I'd guess more than once. I'd say some ladies do like penises in a visual way, some are less keen.

Are men more attracted to women with large breasts?

The last answer, was disgusting.{Not all men but yes they do. Men love breasts anyway. Big real breasts can be hard to find and that's what makes it better when they do get them. Also the media has made men fall in love with big breasts because of all the glamour models and how they have advertised big breasts. As a guy I can tell you that guys are attracted to many different things when it comes to women. Me, I love women with large breasts.} So I will imorove that answer. I think that the person who saw that person with large breasts stand out that makes that man want to try to sex with that person. At least that person can be like this アジア美人巨乳女の子写真 の To tell you the truth, this is a real person with big boobs{breasts]

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Guys like women with big breasts, little breasts, medium breasts, and no breasts. Guys do not all share one brain, different guys like different breasts but more importantly they like the women that the breasts are attached to.

Do must women like guys to touch there breasts?


Why guys love to sucking breasts?

Because, when they're babies, what do they suck on for food and pleasure? The moms boobs.

Why cant guys have breasts?

Guys, do develop boobs to some extent, but not as much as girls do, so theres no need to worry. Just wait it out.

How come women have breasts?

cuz women HAD to breastfeed their babies before there wuz like baby formula and stuff. also guys had to be turned on someway so they would keep having sex and reproducing and the human race wudnt die out

Why do some guys make jokes about women's breasts?

Hello, guys are attracted to breasts. It is an infantile obsession, and many men never outgrow it. This is the main reason for the cosmetic augmentation industry.

Why guys like brests?

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What do guys like about women?

Mostly they like their breasts, but they also like anything that she does, or any interests that they share.

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it depends on the guy if u are gay then you cant........ but for the ones that have a girl poke em' & make them jiggle

Why do guys think bigger breasts makes a woman a better prospective mother?

Because they think they hold more milk for feeding babies. The size of breasts is linked to diet. Fertility is curtailed in malnourished women. Man is a prehistoric animal in a modern environment. Our instincts override our logical thinking.

Why guys love breast so much?

They're soft & beautiful! Breasts, is the source of the just born mammal, so it is naturally the 1st choice of the newborn food source, not only guys love breasts, but girls also (female babies feed as well).

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a lot of guys only have one girlfriend/boyfriend at a time, guys however have a different genetic prerogative when it comes to sex, women are genetically programed to find the best mate to make babies with, men are genetically programed to speared their seed to as many females as they can.

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