Why do teenagers take drugs?

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Why do teenagers take drugs?

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Q: Why do teenagers take drugs?
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Related questions

How many teenagers take drugs?

60 percent

What percentage of teenagers take drugs?

More than you think

Is it normal for teenagers to take drugs?

talk to ur children abt drugs and sex b4 its 2 late... i was _____________________________________________________________________ it would be hard for them to get onto any major drugs they might sniff glue but i dont think that most teenagers would take or even get drugs.

What do teenagers think of drugs?

well there is no use telling a teenager not to take drugs because their gonna take it anyways. all teenagers are curoius its just whether they take it again and again and addicted then its a problem otherwise their teenagers what do you except let them be free and sort out their own problems

What encourage teenagers to take drugs?

Rebellion, depression, experimentation or peer pressure

What is the percent of teenagers that like to experiment on drugs?

In 2009 there are 27% of teenagers expirimented with drugs.

What is the most common drug for teenagers to take?

Typically, most teenagers who get involved with drugs start by smoking marijuana. This is called a "gateway drug" because it leads the way for the use of other drugs.

How can teenagers get involved in riots?


What do teenagers like to buy?


What percentage of teenagers take drugs in Britain?

Sadly the percentage is high and could be rising say 20%

What percentage of teenagers take drugs in Australia?

from the latest poll from the poling organisation, 24.3% or australians have taken or do drugs on a regular basis, and 73% of them are in wheelchairs.

What are some teenagers' excuses for teenagers to use gateway drugs?

I was already high.

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