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Some teens think that you should wait to be sexually active because they're scared, waiting for the rigth person,and don't want to be pregnant.

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Q: Why do some teens choose not to be sexually active?
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Why do you think some teens believe that they can't get pregnant the first time they are sexually active?

Because they're not properly educated about these things.

Why do so many teens become pregnant?

some teens decide too get pregnant at there age,because maybe they have a hard life...or some just think there ready when they are not.... some teens listen to their friend if they are sexually active and say that it feels great but most of the time when you find out you pregnant the don't feel as good.

How many teenagers are sexually active?

Sexual activity can be very dependent on location. As a national average in the US, 60% of high school students have been sexually active to some extent. 50% of sexually active students will acquire some form of STD.

How sexually active is the average 33 year old male?

most males are very sexually active until death and some loose there sexuality after age 40

What are the pros and cons of birth control in teenagers?

Pro's- helps prevent unwanted pregnancies in sexually active teens. Con's- no birth control measure is 100.00000% effective- some will still get pregnant. Con's- many forms of birth control do not protect from sexually transmitted diseases.

What is the average age for a teen to become sexually active?

The legal age in most states is 16, but you should wait until you're ready. Most teens have some sexual experience before leaving highschool, but it is okay not to.

Why are some women more sexually active?

because some girls have more of an intrest in sexual things more than other girls, and some mature before other girls so therefore they would be more sexually active.

Why do some teens choose to watch only cartoons?

hm.. good question.

Is men sexually active in age after 80 years?

Depends on the individual. Some are, most aren't.

What std is so common that 50 percent of sexually active adults contract it at some point in there lifetime?


Why does your vagina have some kind of white things i am not sexually active either.?

Lesions/wart type things, or discharge?

Which std is so common that 50 percent of sexually active adults contract at some point in their lifetime?

if your in a+ , its HPV.

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