Why do some people lack respect?

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That question has a lot of different answers but sometimes it's just how people are raised, or a tramatic event happened and they didn't do anything to deserve it so they decide to take it out on other people by not respecting them. Again though I'm not a doctor so don't take this word for word, but I !

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Q: Why do some people lack respect?
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What happens if you don't respect religions?

Causes conflict in some cases, and lack of respect. Most of all it leaves people feeling hurt.

Why do some individuals struggle with lack of or no respect for ethnic religious groups they don't understand?

Many people choose to return the respect they receive.

Why do teachers lack respect for students?

Some teachers lack respect for students because the students are disrespectful. The teachers may also lack respect when they see the student uninterested in education.

What makes people act rudely?

Lack of respect for others and lack of self-esteem

Why do certain people lack self-respect?

There are many reasons why certain people lack self-respect. In most cases, this is a personality problem that affects people with low self-esteem.

Why are chavs dissed?

These are some of the reasons. Their inability to articulate without constant profanity. Their lack of respect for other people and their property. Hooliganism and vandalism.

What causes graffiti?

People! That, and a lack of respect for other people's property and a low level of civic pride.

What are the four kinds of respect?

Respect, is in fact, a subject unto itself. You can respect your parents, you respect authority, and respect other people, the environment, everyone and everything deserves respect. Lack of respect for things leads to chaos, and ill will.

Do the french respect Australians?

Some people of French decent will respect some people of Australian ancencestry, some will not.

Why should you respect?

you should respect because being respectful is a manner. And if you don't respect anyone you wont get the same lack of respect back. So you need to treat people the way you want to be treated.

How can a lack of respect cause chaos?

Lack or respect causes lack of civility. Lack of civilty leads to acts of lawlessness . Lawlessness leads to anarchy. Anarchy descends quickly into chaos.

How does respect overcome prejudice?

Prejudice is a lack of respect, therefore respect overcomes prejudice in the act.

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