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It may be because you have Diabetes

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Q: Why do my hands and feet fall asleep throughout day and night?
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Hands fall asleep?

Hands may fall asleep because of awkward positioning. Nerves may become compressed, which leads to the hands feeling numb and tingly.

How do you make your arm fall asleep?

Put your hands behind your head and your arms will fall asleep fast.

When does the average person fall asleep?

at night

What are the best songs for babies?

The best songs for babies are lullabies as they help the baby fall asleep gently which will hopefully make them stay asleep throughout the night without any disturbances.

At night you are extremely tired but cannot fall asleep when you can fall asleep you usually wake up several times throughout the night what is wrong with you?

You have stayed up too late the last night and slept in too much the last morning. That keeps you awake. Or you are an insomniac which you can get medicine for that's what I am you should really look into it

What will happen if you leave your tamagotchi on at night?

It will fall asleep

Why do your hands fall sleep when you sleep?

when you fall asleep you sometimes lay on your hand which makes it lose blood and then you get the tingly feeling which means its asleep

Is there a prayer to help one fall asleep at night?

the rosary

What Medical conditions that cause the hands to fall asleep?

There are several different conditions that can cause the hands to fall asleep repeatedly. Some of these conditions include neuropathy, nerve damage, diabetes, systemic disease, and vitamin deficiencies.

How do you fall asleep at night when you're scared?

Think Of Something Exciting:D

How can you make a cat sleep at night?

let fall asleep by it self

What causes my hands to fall asleep?

when your hand is hanging over something for too long all the blood goes to the tips of your fingers , which causes your hand to fall asleep

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