Why do feathers tickle?

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Just as some people have a high pain tolerance and some people have a very low pain tolerance, some people are very susceptible to feather tickling and some people are not.

A feather on feet (or armpits and other parts of body) can elicit some giggles and short laughs but it does not tickle nearly as much as when the tickler gently drags their fingernails across body or gently squeezes ribs.

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Q: Why do feathers tickle?
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yes! it feels so good when people tickle your feet with feathers! but if you really want to tickle someone you slowly veryy slowly do it and they will love it to death

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Do feathers tickle?

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Thin socks or stockings For fondling-fun We've but just gotten started Of course we're not done We'll slip them off later And tickle her bare With fingers and feathers Cute girlies beware!

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