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Pain in the right side of the stomach can be many things, could be muscular, could be gas, could be appendix. If it's a sharp pain in the lower right side of your stomach, you should probably call your doctor or head to the hospital.

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Q: Why are you gettin pain in right side of tummy?
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Would you have pain on your right side in your lower back if there is someting wrong with you appendix?

No, your appendix is located on the lower right side of your tummy.

Why do you get pain after having your gallbladder out?

I get pain in the left side of my lower tummy now

What could be wrong if pain is on the left side of the belly?

I believe that is appendicitis. Answer: The appendix is on the Right side so it might be a couple of other things. Either a tummy ache or perhaps gas. If the pain persist go to a doctor. Yes, The appendix is on the right side. However, when you have appendicitis you feel a sharp pain on the left side of the stomach.

What are the potential side effects of tummy tuck plastic surgery?

Abdominoplasty is major surgery. The most common side effects of a tummy tuck include pain and swelling.

Why are you having right side pain?

i am having right side pain that sometimes moves to the left side

What is the cause of pain on your lower right side of your back?

I have problem with my right foot, and the pain is in the right side.

Could it just be a sore muscle instead of my appendix?

See a doctor, appendix problems start in the middle of your tummy and move to the right hand side. It can be fatal if it bursts. Muscle pain will subside, appendix pain will not.

You had sharp pain in left side off tummy then had a period?

It was probably ovulation pains, I get them pretty often

Sharp pain in right side?

A sharp pain on the right side of your abdomen could be an indicator of a problem with your appendix. If it is a sharp pain you need to go to the emergency room right away before it bursts.

How do you know if its your appendix or just a tummy ache?

If you have a bad appendix, then the pain will usually be in the very lower right side of the abdomen, although the pain may be near the belly button or even in the lower back. A burst appendix can be a serious matter, so you should see a doctor if the pain persists. If you have a fever as well as the pain, you need to head to the emergency room as your appendix may have burst causing an infection. Usually when you have a tummy bug or tummy ache the pain stays in the middle, but with appendicitis, the pain becomes extremely painful and moves towards the side of your tummy. Very painful tummy aches should immediately be checked out by a physician or better, at the hospital because there may be a chance your appendix is bursting. When it bursts a sort of fluid flows out and it can cause infection. In more severe cases it causes death. Just like Houdini who died of his appendix bursting.

What is Pain that travels front to back on right side?

i have pain upper right side below ribs,also lots of tenderness in back right side.

What causes pain to the right side of the abdomen?

Appendicitis is an acute condition that causes pain to the right side of the abdomen.

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