Why are women jealous of pretty women?

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2011-04-24 18:27:45

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Yeah loads of women are jelous of pretty women because she is gorgeous

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2011-04-24 18:27:45
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Q: Why are women jealous of pretty women?
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Are Scorpio women jealous of other women?

They can be.

Is Hanna jealous of Alison in Pretty Little Liars?

Hanna was jealous, she probably isn't anymore.

Was Aphrodite jealous of other women?


Is Michael Jackson's wife jealous of his mom?

All women must be jealous of this wonderful mother.

Why are women more jealous than men?

I just think men don't hold grudges as long and don't get jealous easily. Show me the source that proves women are more jealous than men.

If you are a girl and a girl says your pretty is she jealous or she thinks your pretty?

It could be both or it could be neither. She may very well just think you are pretty or she might just be jealous. It all depends on how she said it for you to truly know what she meant. I personally think if a girl is jealous of you, then she won't tell you your pretty. It kind of depends if the person is nice or not.

When was Pretty Women created?

Pretty Women was created in 1979.

How did Cinderella's sisters react to the party surprise?

They were jealous that they weren't as pretty.

How do you make a Cancerian woman jealous?

By flirting with other women.

Why are white women jealous of black women?

Answer 1. White women as a whole are not jealous of black women as a whole nor is it vice versa. While there may be a few women jealous of another regardless of race, that does not mean it is all women of any one race jealous of another.Answer 2. white women and men are both jealous of back men and women. Black men and women are great entertainers, have sporting talent, can dance and walk the walk and talk the talk. Black men and women set the trends and white men and women end up following them. Same thing happens in schools, universities, on internet, on tv, everywhere you look. White men and women also like tanning it makes them look healthy - in a way implying that black or brown skin is healthier.

Why is Goddess Hera often portrayed as jealous and resentful to infidelity?

Because we often see her jealous when Zeus is off with another women

Why is Hera jealous of Zeus?

She was only jealous of the ones that Zeus had had with other women because they meant that Zeus had cheated on her, because she was his wife

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