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it all depends on genetics and chromosomes and genes and DNA

nobody and i repeat nobody is ugly were just all differnt in our own ways

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Q: Why are some people ugly and some people pretty?
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Why do people say they are ugly?

People say they are ugly because they are inconfident.

Why are some people cute and so ugly?

Depends on what you consider to be cute and ugly. One human being might think blonde hair is ugly while another think its not. (These are not my choices, only examples) It is a matter of choice. ********************** Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Do not look on the outer side of a person but on the inside, there you will find true beauty. You are falling into the trap of not recognising that not all so called ugly people are ugly. Look at them closely and you will find that they are no different to you, they just have different features which in your own eyes you refer to as being ugly, not to your liking. Some people may look "Cute" but look at them close enough or long enough and you will see that they are not as perfect as you think. Ugly and deformed in features are two different things, but both have a special attraction if one looks with kind eyes. ******************** It depends on what you think cute and ugly is. Some people are "cute" by genetics.

Why do handsome men date ugly women?

"Handsome" and "ugly" are subjective terms. What's handsome to some may not be to others, and what's ugly to some may be attractive to others.

Why are Africans very ugly?

There are ugly people on every continent -- it isn't restricted to just Africa...

Why do people get wrinkles?

Its because you turn old and ugly....thats how life is...sorry to say but it is....some old people dont have wrinkles but i guess your just the unlucky one..=(

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Why are dresses pretty?

Well, some dresses can be ugly. When I say ugly, I MEAN UGLY! LIKE, UGLY UGLY! And some dresses can simply be pretty....AND WHEN I SAY PRETTY, I MEAN pretty!Does that answer your question? Because if it didn't......

Is Vannessa Hudgens pretty?

For some people (in their opinions) she's pretty or they think she's ugly..Its their opinion if you think she's pretty or ugly that's your opinionno way plus stop deleting my message

What are some antonyms for the word pretty?


Do pretty people get more movie roles than ugly people?

Pretty people don't have to be as good as ugly people, but the main reason is so the movie can have a good face to be on the camera.

Are short people weird looking?

No,it depends on some people because unless you think everyone is ugly.Some people might be ugly but some people might be pretty like my friend.So thinking that every short people is ugly is a stupid thinking.

What are the ratings and certificates for Pretty Ugly People - 2008?

Pretty Ugly People - 2008 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:MA (2010) USA:R (certificate #45635)

Was Anne Frank pretty?

Anne Frank was a beautiful young woman. So yes she was pretty. Some people say she was ugly, but there blind.

Are people ugly sometimes?

all the time haha everyone has there opinions. And some people can be pretty. Like jennifer lopez, I don't think she is very pretty. My opinion

Was Pocahontas ugly or pretty?

It depends on what is pretty to you. But in reality most people find her unattractive

Is Bella pretty?

no...have some common sense! She is so ugly!

Is pretty ugly an oxymoron?

Maybe. it depends on who is calling you pretty ugly

Why do the ugly people like me?

Who u call ugly nobodyโ€™s ugly is just the where are you u See them

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