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Alcohol is healthful when consumed in moderation but unhealthful when abused.

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Q: Why alcohol is unhealthy for us?
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Is sugar alcohol unhealthy?

Yes, it is very unhealthy!!

What percentage of deaths in the US can be attributed to unhealthy lifestyle behaviors such as smoking and alcohol misuse and physical inactivity and unbalanced diet?


Managing stress with alcohol is what kind of coping skill?


What are some unhealthy things for the youth?

Drugs, alcohol, the usual.

What are unhealthy thing that peoples do?

Smoke, drink too much alcohol.

Why is alcohol unhealthy?

Alcohol acts as a sedative on the central nervous system depressing the nerve cells in the brain, dulling, altering.

What are some examples of harmful substances to our body?

Unhealthy food, drugs, Alcohol (Not All Alcohol), and Steroids to name a few.

What happens to your kidneys when you drink too much alcohol?

They become sick and unhealthy

Is drinking alcohol unhealthy?

In moderation alcohol has many benefits. It is when taken to excess that the alcohol becomes a problem. Overconsumption of alcohol is very unhealthy; however there are studies that indicate dirinking a small amount of alcohol daily (such as one glass at suppertime) can be healthier than not drinking any at all. A glass of red wine a day is said to be good for you - it has antioxidants. But, as above, don't overdo the alcohol.

How many people in the us suffer from addiction?

Roughly one in eleven suffers from addiction to either alcohol or another drug of abuse. Many more are addicted to unhealthy behavior.

What are the good and bad things about alcohol?

If your under age it is very unhealthy to drink alcohol and may cause memory loss when you are older !!! :o

Why do we want unhealthy food when we know its bad for us?

We want unhealthy food even though it is bad for us because it tastes so good.

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