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Boys definitely

Because even though they think it's harder because they don't talk about it, it is still harder for girls because we don't want to talk about it either but we are FORCED to talk about it and it is SOOOOOO gross. Also when puberty is over for boys it is ALL over and done with but even when girls' puberty is over we STILL have to get periods every month. Another thing boys only have one change, which is puberty, and when it is over it's over. On the other hand girls have two changes, puberty and menopause, and when puberty is over, as previously stated, we STILL have to get periods every month AND we don't get off the hook there because we STILL have menopause coming!!! ==

True... you do get periods after, but can you imagine having to shave everytime you wake up from a nap? how much of a pain when you wake up every morning with a stiffy?

Girls have to shave their legs and armpits. true, not as often but it is that + periods. Also, if you want to have a kid the normal way you have to get pregnant... guys don't. Also can you imagine how painful period cramps are?

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Q: Who has it easier in puberty boys or girls?
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Do boys reach physical and sexual maturity earlier than girls?

No, I think that boys reach it quicker than girls. Girls want to hold back when they get to that stage. Actually, you don't really have a choice when it comes to puberty/sexual maturity. Boys generally reach puberty later than girls, and finish later as well.

At what age does private hair grow on a girls?

It usually beings at the beginning of puberty in both girls, and boys as well.

Why are boys more annoying than girls?

This sounds like more of an opinion but I can tell you this... Girls begin puberty at 8-9years. Puberty not only effects the body but also the brain and mind. Boys don't begin puberty until about 11-12years so a girls mind will always be ahead of a boys technologically until around 18. But some boys just never grow up so this could take longer:)

Can Girls boys to do splits easier?

for me, girls can do splits a filipino, we respect one of our filipino culture..girls must decide when she'll split the relationship, in her right time and in her own right place..boys must wait what will be the girls plan about their relationship..

Do girls have lumps behind there nipple?

Girls go threw a lot during the ages 9 and 15 they go threw puberty boys get it to but girls go threw a lot more they bleed from the vagina witch is call a period and the lumps behind there called breast or boobs that's another part of puberty for girls they go threw mood swings they can get very grumpy during puberty or there period so watch out lol.

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