Who are the common victims of illegal drugs?

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The common victims of illegal drugs are those who are exploited the people who seek to profit from their illegality. Were drugs legal, there would be far fewer victims.

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Q: Who are the common victims of illegal drugs?
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What are the Illegal drugs of Somalia?

major drugs in somalia are khat(qaad) and cigratte(sigaar),alcohol(khamri) is illegal in somalia, there is an other drugs but they are not common.

What are the most common legal and illegal drugs used by athletes in the Olympics?

viagra storf

Are drugs illegal in Japan?

japan itself is illegal..but drugs not

What is in the drugs that make them illegal?

Drugs become illegal when law makers decide to pass laws saying these drugs are illegal.

Is miley Cyrus on illegal drugs?

YES! She is on illegal drugs. SHE IS A BUM

What does illegal drugs mean?

Illegal drugs mean drugs which is not accepted or it's against the law to use them

Is it illegal to share presciption drugs?

Prescription drugs YES!!! OTC medication NO!! This one is really a common sense question....prescription drugs have ur name on them for a reason, don't they? Then use ur common knowledge and figure it out!!! :)

What are three illegal drugs?

Three illegal drugs are: heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamines.

What is the meaning of Illegal drugs?

Anyone taking illegal drugs is breaking the law.

Why are illegal drugs so common?

Illegal drugs are so common in part because they are illegal. People generally want what they can't have, with the exception of a few. However, that's only part of the story. There's also a lot of peer pressure, and there is a lot of stress in the world. So people decide to try them because others insist or because they believe that drugs might be the answer to their troubles.

Is smoking drugs illegal?

yes its illegal

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About __________ of the teen population have tried illegal drugs

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