Which states legalized marijuana

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where is marijuana legal

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Q: Which states legalized marijuana
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Related questions

Which states have legalized marijuana for recreational use?

At the moment, in Nov. 2012, only two states have legalized marijuana, Washington state and Colorado. Seventeen states currently allow the medical use of marijuana.

How many of the US have legalized marijuana?

18+ States have been legalized Marijuana. They are:CaliforniaAlaskaOregonWashingtonMaineColoradoHawaiiNevadaMontanaRhode IslandNew MexicoVermontMichiganArizonaNew JerseyDelawareWashington DCConnecticutMassachusetts

What are the names of the states that have legalized marijuana?

Colorado and Washington.

Why isn't marijuana legalized in the United States of America?

Marijuana is not legalized in the U.S.A. simply for the hazardous effects it has on the human mentality and body.

Why is marijuana being legalized?

Marijuana is legal (for medical purposes) in 15 of these United States.

How many states have legalized medical marijuana?

15 have now.

Are there any states in the USA that have legalized marijuana?

There are only two states that have legalized marijuana and that is Colorado and Washington. They have been made legal for recreation use. There are some states that do allow it for medical purposes such as Maryland.

What is a Thesis statement for marijuana?

some of the states have already legalized marijuana and the rest of the country will follow suit

How many states have leagelized marijuana?

18+ States Legalized Marijuana.AlaskaArizonaCaliforniaColoradoConnecticutDelawareHawaiiMaineMassachusettsMichiganMontanaNevadaNew JerseyNew MexicoOregonRhode IslandVermontWashingtonWashingtonDC

Which states can you legally grow marijuana in?

None, unless you have a license. Even then, you can only get a license (And grow) in states that have legalized medical Marijuana and the Marijuana can only supply medical Marijuana dispensaries.

What states have legalized the medicinal use of marijuana?

California and Michigan..and ..12 others

Has GA legalized marijuana?

Georgia has not legalized marijuana, and there is currently no initiative to. Currently, it is only legalized for medicinal purposes - if a doctor prescribes you medicinal marijuana.

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