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all....if you have (aplusLS school)

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Q: Which of these is a possible effect of inhalant use?
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What are some side effect of inhalant?

You get dizzy and lose control of your body.

Characteristics of Inhalant use are?

alll the above

Characteristics of Inhalant use are .?

alll the above

What celebrities have died from inhalant use?

Ash Ketchum.

Can you take inhalants and allegra together?

Any medical doctor would say no. The reason they would say no is because of the inhalant use. You shouldn't attempt to use or use inhalants followed by Allegra which is an allergy medication. Most would say your allergies or hay fever is related to your inhalant use. Your doctor may recommend rehabilitation services for your drug addiction before placing you on any medications as commonly Inhalant users who have allergies have allergies because of the said inhalant use.

Amyl nitrite inhalant?

Yes, it can be used as an inhalant - was that what you wanted to know?

How is the use of amphetamines different from the use of inhalant?

Inhalants can cause immediate brain damage while amphetamines do not.

Is epinephrine an inhalant?


What has the author Terry Mason written?

Terry Mason has written: 'Inhalant use and treatment' -- subject(s): Drug abuse, Inhalant abuse, Glue sniffing, Treatment, Paint sniffing

Why are younger students especially at risk inhalant use?

Easier access, less perceived risk.

What happens to you when you sniff a permanent maker?

The marker will become dry. There isn't enough solvent emitted from markers to cause any inhalant effect.

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When sociologist want a possible cause and effect relationship they may use what kind of research technique

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