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The age that a young girl starts ovulating varies for each girl. Girls start puberty at different ages. The average age is around 11 years old, but it can range from 9 years old to 16 years old.

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Q: When do girls start ovulating?
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When are girls fertile?

It means if you count the day you start your period as day 1, you are likely to start ovulating on days 14-16

Can a 10 year girl get pregnant?

You start ovulating before you get your period and some girls do that as early as 10 so yes, it can happen.

Can children have babys?

If they have started ovulating, yes. Some girls start as young as 9.

Do young girls always ovulate during their periods?

yea that's what it means. as soon as u start getting ur period that means ur ovulating

How do girls under 10 get pregnant?

They can't unless they have started ovulating.

When is a girl not ovulating?

A girl is usually ovulating two weeks before her period or a week before her period. So a week or two after it she's not ovulating,but with some girls they know when they ovulate by certain signs.

Why do your nipples hurt if your not pregnant?

They hurt when you are ovulating and let you know that your period is about to start.

Is it possible for one to start ovulating 2 or 3 days after ovulating?

Yes that can happen although unlikely as ovulation occurs 2 weeks after the cycle begins.

When do girls ouvlate?

I believe it is the week before your scheduled period. You can buy tests that will let you know if you are ovulating.

Can girls get pregnant during puberty?

Yes. If your menstrual cycle has started, it means that you are ovulating, and therefore you can get pregnant.

If you stop taking the pill in the middle of a pack can it start a period?

Yes, you can also start ovulating and become pregnant.

How do you know your ovulating?

How do you know when you are ovulating?

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