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if you mean when are the days you cant get pregnant... there are non the best you can do is to do the deed right before that time of the month

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Q: When are the infertile days of the human female?
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Do female turtles lay eggs with out mateing?

They can - but they'll be infertile.

Is it the female mule that can't reproduce?

All male mules and most female mules are infertile.

What is the three types of honeybees?

Queen (fertile female), drone (male), worker (infertile female).

Does a bearded dragon need a mate to lay eggs?

No - the female can lay infertile eggs. However, being infertile - they will not develop into babies !

What is the percentage of men the are sterile in US?

About 6 percent of the male US population is infertile. Likewise, about 6 percent of the female population in the US is infertile.

The female bee is the worker bees?

The queen is female; the workers are all infertile females, and the males are called drones.

How old is a female mouse when she becomes infertile?

around 2 years old

How do you know when a bee is a female?

If you see a honey bee flying from flower to flower, it will be a worker (infertile female). It will NOT be a male and it will NOT be a queen.

What do you do when iguana lay their eggs?

If you have a male and a female, you can put them under a heat lamp and hatch them. If you only have a female, the eggs are infertile.

What is masculine and feminine for bees?

A male bee is called a drone. A female bee is either a queen or a worker (infertile female).

What is the difference between fertile egg to an infertile egg?

a fertile egg is an egg that has not been conceived in a human being as means of semen and infertile is the opposite

Can a female parakeet lay eggs without a male?

Yes, they can...although the eggs will be infertile

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