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You are giving the definition of a vaccine but not "what is the following to choose from"

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Q: What would provide immunity by causing a body to produce antibodies to the pathogen using a weakened or dead pathogen?
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What are genetically engineered vaccines?

a preparation of direct manipulation of genes of weakened or killed pathogen, such as a bacterium or virus that upon administration stimulates antibody production or cellular immunity against the pathogen but is incapable of causing severe infection.

What is meant by the term attenuated pathogen?

An attenuated pathogen is a type of pathogen which has been weakened so that it is no longer capable of causing the disease

How does an individual develop a natural active immunity?

From Immunization with antibodies to a disease-causing organism!

What is active vs passive immunity?

Active immunity occurs when an individual is exposed to the disease causing organism, and the immune system produces antibodies to counteract the disease. Future exposure to the same pathogens will stimulate a rapid response from the immune system to produce antibodies. Passive immunity occurs when an individual receives antibodies instead of inducing the immune system to produce antibodies.

What is a medicine that produces immunity by generating antibodies?

Vaccines are used to produce immunity by causing the body to generate antibodies. The antibodies can be directed against the organism causeing the illness or against a toxin produced by the organism. Also some allergies are treated by causing the body to develop blocking antibodies. In most cases injections are used to give the treatment. Oral polio vaccine is one exception to this.

How do shots help the immune system?

They have a weak dilute of the disease so the body will build antibodies against the disease thereby causing immunity.

List and briefly describe four ways antibodies aid in immunity?

There are four types of antibodies that aid in immunity. The Lysins bind the antigens therefore causing them to disintegrate. The Agglutinins bind the antigens causing the micro-organisms to clump together. The Antitoxins bind the toxins therefore making them harmless to the body. The Opsonins bind the antigens on the outer surface.

Is pathogen a microorganism?

Yes, a pathogen is a disease causing microorganism.

What is a disease- causing microorganism?

A disease-causing microorganism is called a "pathogen". It can be a bacteria, virus, or fungus.

What is the difference between natural immunity and acquired immunity?

Naturally acquired immunity occurs through contact with a disease causing agent, when the contact was not deliberate, whereas artificially acquired immunity develops only through deliberate actions such as vaccination. they are both immunitys

What is a disease-causing agent?


A disease causing agent?


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