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Taking heroin and marijuana together is no more dangerous than taking heroin alone.

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Q: What would happen if you took heroin and marijuana at the same time?
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Marijuana cocaine and heroin have the same effect as alcohol on a driver's -?

Both cocaine and heroin will effect your concentration. You do not want to take these substances and then get behind a wheel.

What is the difference between heroin marijuana and pot you need the answer asap because of a speech you are doing thanks?

Heroin: A Narcotic usually injected Marijuana and Pot are the same thing. A plant Usualy smoked but can be eaten (tasts terible)

Marijuana cocaine and heroin have the same effect as alcohol on a driver's?

All of these things should not be taken if you are going to be driving. They are all illegal drugs.

What would happen if you took marijuana alcohol ecstasy and mushrooms all in the same night?

Take alcohol out of the mix and have a much safer night.

Is heroin the same as narcotics?

Heroin is a narcotic but, all narcotics are not heroin.

What would happen if you take Marijuana and LSD together at the same time?

Marijuana, when combined with LSD, will hasten the onset and intensity of visual and auditory hallucinations. If you take marijuana at the end of an LSD trip, once the hallucinations have subsided, they will return. Basically, marijuana enhances the pleasant aspects of an LSD trip.

How is legal marijuana made?

same as illegal marijuana. all marijuana is made the same only they use some of it to treat medical conditions and things like that. so basically if you got legal marijuana it would be the exact same stuff as illegal marijuana

Can you take Oxycocet and marijuana?

Did you mean Oxicotin? They're both used for pain relief. One is synthetic and very addictive. You'll eventuall need the marijuana to get off the Oxi! Are the withdrawls the same as heroin, once you get addicted to Oxi?

Is Lortab the same as heroin?

No, heroin is much much stronger.

Is medicinal marijuana addicting?

marijuana is marijuana. medical marijuana is the same plant as any marijuana you would find on the street accept it was grown in a lab. medical marijuana you would receive from a doctor will not have been laced with other drugs, which however unlikely it may be, is a risk of buying "street-marijuana".

How do you smoke morphine sulfate SR?

Same way you would smoke heroin on foil

What happens if an underage gets caught with marijuana?

There is no marijuana age so it would be the same consequences as an overage person.

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