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You get high.

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Q: What would happen if you took heroin and cocaine together?
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What would happen if you took heroin and marijuana at the same time?

Taking heroin and marijuana together is no more dangerous than taking heroin alone.

What would happen if you take Heroin Cocaine Marijuana and LSD together at the same time?

You'd be so high you wouldn't remember doing it. i took a tab of acid a couple of pills and a line of coke whilst completely wasted on drink and weed when i went to Glastonbury but i can barely remember what happened. all i have to go on are things that other people told me happened.

What would happen if you try cocaine and ecstasy together?

Some Ecstasy pills have cocaine in them. But usually, if you snort cocaine while you're on Ecstasy, the Ecstasy high will disappear, and you will only be able to feel the effects of the cocaine. I don't know why it's different if you swallow the cocaine (if the cocaine is mixed into the Ecstasy pill). The same thing happens when you drink alcohol on Ecstasy -- the Ecstasy high disappears, and you can only feel the effects of the alcohol. In short, Ecstasy is best done alone (or with marijuana). As marijuana is a mild hallucinogen, and Ecstasy is too, they go very nicely together. I wouldn't say the high disappears but it's slightly diminished, however i personally think alcohol and e mix quite well.

What is the Cost of a balloon of heroin?

i don't know why you would need to know this because heroin is illegal.

Does Ecstasy have heroin in it?

AnswerSometimes it does. Ecstasy (MDMA) pills are usually cut with (mixed with) another drug or drugs, usually speed (some form of amphetamine or methamphetamine), but sometimes ketamine (Special K), cocaine, heroin, or some other form of opiate.AnswerHeroin is an opioid, where as ecstacy otherwise known as MDMA is classified as an amphetamine. Opioids are most commonly used in treatment of pain, where as MDMA hightens sences and makes the user more aware of surroundings. So basically no :-) ---- Heroin has been detected in ecstasy pills before. However, that is very rare since it is not a cost-effective cut.Answeryeah. ecstasy is sometimes cut with amphetamines and methamphetamines more then special k. ecstasy is NEVER cut with cocaine. it just wouldn't be a lucrative cut. as far as heroin, once or twice in a two year period that might happen. but it's extremely rare.AnswerEcstasy is cut with cocaine sometimes. I've taken pills with coke in them. Just because it's not cost-effective, doesn't mean it is never done. As the second answer says, "Heroin has been detected in Ecstasy pills before. However, that is very rare since it is not a cost-effective cut."If heroin has been found in Ecstasy -- and I know it has, because I've also taken E pills with heroin in them -- even though it is not cost-effective, then why would it be any different with cocaine?Answerlisten. the chances of you getting a pill that has heroin in it is very slim. these people probalby didn't have their pill lab tested so they don't know what they are talking about. heroin is not really a cut used in ecstasy. check out the related link and see the results.AnswerI don't understand why some of you seem to be having a problem telling the difference between the word "rare" and the word "impossible." Putting heroin and cocaine in Ecstasy -- as you just said YOURSELF -- is RARE. RARE, not impossible.And please don't tell me I don't know what the effects of cocaine and heroin feel like. I've done enough cocaine and heroin to kill a pack of elephants. Actually, I'm still taking Suboxone for my heroin addiction. I know what these drugs feel like. I'm not some 14 year-old from the middle of nowhere who can't tell marijuana from catnip. I was a heavy drug user for years, all my friends were heavy drug users, and some of them were actually drug DEALERS. That's where I got most of my Ecstasy from, actually. My friends who were dealing don't know ANYTHING about me. So I don't understand why you seem to think you know more about my drug use than I do.And I don't really understand this "cost-effectiveness" argument. If you're putting expensive drugs like cocaine and heroin in your Ecstasy, then you'll just charge more for it. I'll admit I don't know if the coke and heroin E-pills I took were more expensive, since I got them free. But I would asssume that, if you put more expensive ingredients in your Ecstasy, you're going to charge more for it. And if people complain about the price...well, they'll probably stop complaining once you tell them it's got coke or heroin in it!

Related questions

What would happen if you mixed heroin meth cocaine marijuana and LSD together?

You'd likely die nearly immediately. Just the combination of heroin and cocaine would kill you. Heroin is a depressant and cocaine is a stimulant. They would have conflicting effects on your body and your brain chemicals would get thrown so out of whack that you would probably die of shock before anything else.

If someone mixes cocaine and heroin together how much would be fateful amount?

In short, there is no safe amount of heroin and cocaine mixed, as every individual user is different, based on tolerance and a whole variety of additional factors.

What would happen if you took heroin and marijuana at the same time?

Taking heroin and marijuana together is no more dangerous than taking heroin alone.

What is a prohibited drug?

A drug which is illegal. Examples would include cannabis, cocaine and heroin.

Can methadone show up as cocaine under a drug test?

Methadone is basically heroin. They began to use it to ween heroin addicts off of heroin. Sadly it's just as addictive with the same affects. If anything it would show up in opiates or heroin.

What would happen if you got caught with cocaine?

you would go down for possession.

What types of pre-employment drug tests are legal in pennsylvania?

That would be checking on marijuana, cocaine, heroin, amphetamines, steroid.

What will happen if you mix cocaine and methadone?

You will be an absoloute mess to be blunt. The heroin substitute should only be taken anyway to dull the craving for heroin. Cocaine is seen as a recreational drug these days but the long term effects would shock you. You should look it up. Infact, your body would be so confused as to what to do, if you took a big enough dose, you could quite possibly have a heart attack. Failing that, even worse, you could have a siezure and die.

What would happen if you take cocaine and LSD together at the same time?

You will have a bad trip, trust me! It sounds fun, but it's not. Also, never drink alcohol with LSD.

What drug is wrapped in small tin foil squares?

usually in my experience any drug can be wrapped in tin foil. it could be a couple opiates together or most likely crack. that would be my first guess. usually in my experience any drug can be wrapped in tin foil. it could be a couple opiates together or most likely crack. that would be my first guess. Pot, opiods like heroin or cocaine, and crack cocaine

What did mia Wallace od on in pulp fiction?

HeroinShe snorted what would have been an ordinary amount of cocaine but since it was heroin, it was way too much.

How can you separate heroin from morphine?

The two aren't normally combined if you are performing a chemical reaction of morphine to get heroin then you would either have morphine or heroin if your actually taking morphine and mixing it with heroin then stop doing that if you don't want them mixed together.

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