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hes orgams might explode from the kick on the stomack r might died!

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โˆ™ 2010-07-07 18:57:12
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Q: What would happen if a child was kicked in the stomach?
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What would happen if someone kicked you in the stomach?

If someone got kicked in the stomach the air would be knocked out of them.So they would not be able to breath for a short amount of time.

What would happen if you breathed out too hard to a young child?

The stomach would fill with air and cause the child to vomit.

What would happen if you were caught playing tag in the mall?

You would get kicked out.

Can you get legally kicked out at 16 in Louisiana?

No, that would be child abandonment.

What would happen if you kicked a gorilla in its balls?

luke bea and nyajima

What would happen if a child swallows fairy liquid?

It depends on the amount that is swallowed, normally nothing would happen, however if large amounts are swallowed then the child may vomit, feel dizzy, have an upset stomach. If this is the case, a doctor needs to check.

What would happen if you had no stomach acid?

you cant poop. then your stomach will hurt

Can you die after getting kicked in the chest with a soccer ball?

No your stomach would just hurt a lot

If a parent tells a child to get out of their house can that parent then call the child in as a runaway?

Well, they can but they would be lying. The parent is kicking them out of the house, the child is not running away; sooner or later the police (if the parent did call the child in as a runaway) would probably figure out the child did not runaway and the child was kicked out. If the parents kicked them out, then why would they call the child in as a missing if they didn't want them?

What would happen if you insult the people on Xbox live?

They will kicked you out of the game party.

What would happen if you were to be hit in the stomach while pregnant?

It could cause damage to your unborn child. Some women's babies have died due to them (the mother) being hit in the stomach while pregnant.

What will happen if you disobey chucknorris?

why would disobey chuck norris? he is not cool. you would get your butt kicked if you saw him!

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