What was heroin originally used for?

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In early Europe as a medicine in the Orient to get high also to meditate to be calm and one with their world

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Q: What was heroin originally used for?
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How do you pass urine test if used heroin if you used?

Stop taking heroin.

What is good about heroin?

It was originally used for pain relief, which it DOES do quite well. But with all the side effects, coupled with its highly addictive nature, the good does not outweigh the bad. STAY AWAY.

Can hookah be used with heroin?


What drug is used with a spoon?


Was it used in 1953 heroin?


Where is heroin used most?


What is methadone used in treatment for?

It is used for heroin treatment

What is heroin originally designed for?

Pain. Nope, Bayer originally developed Heroin as a "nonaddictive" drug that Morphine addicts could be switched to so they could eventually be cured of their addiction. Unfortunately after a few years it was finally realized it was actually more addictive than Morphine.

What sport is heroin used in?

I do not think heroin can enhance athletic ability. It makes you sleepy and slow.

Where is heroin originally from?

Herion is derrived from the hardened sap of the Opium Poppy, Papaver somniferum. The stems or corpuscular fruit are sliced finally, a tiny bead of sap forms and hardens. This is mechanically processed into opium. Various chemical processes can be used to produce morphine or its stronger variant, heroin, from there. The poppy was originally indigenous to Turkey and surrounding regions, but has been transplanted effectively into the far east.

Is morphine in heroin?

No, not unless the chemical process used to make it was less than precise. Heroin is made from morphine, and heroin converts to morphine in the body.

If you used heroin but told them that you used hydrocodone will that work?


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