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Stretch your arm and keep bending your arm up and down

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Q: What to do if your arm hurts because you slept the wrong way?
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Why does your arm feel tingly?

Your arm may feel tingly because you slept on it wrong and your arm fell asleep. It may also be due to compressed nerves in the back or neck.

I am having a weird pain in my right arm and i dont know what is causing it i just woke uo from a nap and my arm started to hurt i dont know whats wrong?

If you have a pain in your arm you should see a doctor. You may have slept on it wrong.

What hurts worse neck or arm tattoo?

it depends where you have it on your arm the neck hurts more than the bottom of your arm, but the top of your arm hurts more than your neck.

What part of the arm hurts the most when punched?

The back arm hurts the most for some reason.

What hurts more getting a shot in the butt or the arm?

The arm especially in the mussle because it is more tense in the arm then the butt cause the butt is padded

Does it hurt to get a tattoo on your arm?

yes it hurts. it hurts anywhere. if you get a tattoo and your about to die your going to go to hell just because of a tattoo

What arm hurts when your about to have a heart attack?

The left arm .

How do you get rid of arm hair?

you can shave or wax i suggest shaving because waxing hurts xxx

What happens if you break your arm?

It hurts! :(

What is a hurts doughnut?

it is when you ask someone if the want a hurts doughnut and then punch them in the arm and say hurts don't it.

Does it hurt to break your arm as much as leg?

The. Leg hurts more because your leg has more bone

What if your arm hurts when you throw a baseball?

Its probally that your arm is sore or your arm cant take the "Heat"

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