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Q: What size should a five foot tall ten year old girl wear?
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What is the average foot size for a girl who is five-feet-tall?

7 or 8

What size of shoe should nine year olds girls wear?

A regular girl at the age of 9-11yrs should have the foot size of 5/6-10,in women's,is decided on the girl's height.

What is a German shepherds foot size?

The size can be 2 through five inches. It depends on what the dog size is. They bigger the dog, the bigger the foot.

Is a draft horse to big for a five foot girl?

Depends on the riding level she is and how broke the horse is. Size does not matter. It all depends on the horses behavior.

What size foot should a 5'6 13 year old girl have?

Most likey 71/2 or 7's

Is size 8.5 shoe big small or average for a 5'6 girl?

The average foot size for a 5'6 girl is 5.7.

What is the average height weight and foot size for a 12-year-old girl?

the average foot size for a 12year old is size 5 height is about 5.5

What size snowboard should a five foot eight one hundred and thirty pound kid get?

I don't know! Just get one that look right!

What size clothes would a 135 lb five foot five inch woman wear?

Anything petite.

What skateboard size should i get my foot size is 10 US and i weigh 130 pounds?

You should get a 7.75x3.15

Average foot size for a 13 year old girl?


What is the average foot size of a five-year-old boy?

Is that the African or European five-year-old boy? Also, is the five-year-old boy laden or unladen? The average foot size of a laden five-year-old boy can increase from one-half to one full size, depending on the time of day of the measurement. Measuring later in the day will result in a larger average foot size for both laden and unladen five-year-old boys. However the difference will always be lesser for unladen five-year-old boys.

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