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Leave her alone.

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2011-10-31 02:48:08
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Q: What should you do when your girlfriend says she loves you but she is not in love with you?
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What to do when you still love your ex girlfriend and she says she loves you but she also has a boyfriend she loves to?

say how much you love her

What should you do if you're in love with a guy and he says he loves you too and you have been friends for 6 months but he has a girlfriend?

What you should do is realize that a year from now, you'll be in the girlfriend's shoes. While *you* are his girlfriend, he'll be telling someone else that he loves them.

Is it bad when your girlfriend says i love you to her guy friends?

No not if she tells many of them she loves them but if she only says I love you to one then yes.

Aliyah says she loves u?

If Aliyah says she loves you you should think DO I LOVE HER and if you do tell her that you do.

What should you say in return when your girlfriend says that she really loves you?


He's said he still loves me but he loves his new girlfriend more?

He probably will always love you its cause you were his girlfriend before. Does he mean it though? If he says he loves the new girlfriend more then obviously he dosent love you as much as her and he is trying to make you feel better.

What should i do when my boyfriend says he loves me?

When someone says he loves you and they mean it, it is proper to say "I love you too back" and you should mean it too. Love is give and take.

What should you do when you girlfriend says ''i love you''?

say it back

What does it mean if your ex says he loves his new girlfriend but is NOT in love with her?

that he is lying to her because she probably loves him and he feels obligated to say he loves her

What do you do when your girlfriend says she loves you?

I think you should say it back back if you love her. If you don't, then tell her you weren't ready for it. I'm sure she'll understand.

My boyfriend says to me that he loves me and then he says to me that he has a girlfriend just a friend i am very confused i think that he don't loves me but his expression tells that he loves me?

O.o Well you all might want to slow down a little bit. He might not be ready. I wasn't ready to say I love you to my Girlfriend but I did anyway, and I thought we should have slowed down.

What should you do if your girlfriend wants a break but says she still loves you?

Just wait and see what happens.

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