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Would sudogest show as meth on drug test

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Q: What prescription drugs would show up as meth on adrug test?
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What prescription drugs would make you test positive for meth?


What do labs look for when testing for drugs?

they look for marjuana, meth, opium, and prescription drugs

What is the treatment on marijuana?

no addictive factors to treat for like meth, or prescription drugs

Is there a prescription drug that will test identical to meth?

methamphetamine is sold as a prescription drug under the name Desoxyn, so needless to say prescription meth would test the same as street meth

Did Michael Jackson take meth?

No, Michael Jackson was addicted to prescription medication. Not street drugs.

What prescription drugs show up as an acemphetamine?

adderall,addipex, some other adhd drugs , it allso shows up as meth

What is the difference between legal drug labs and illegal drug labs?

legal is for medicine and illegal is for profitlegal would be prescription drugs illegal would be like meth labs

What prescription drug can show up as meth in a urine test?

Desoxyn WILL show up as meth in a urine test because it is meth. Most of the drugs that throw false positives for meth are OTC preparations that contain pseudoephedrine, the drug meth is made from.

What are some drugs to do with drug abuse?

there are the illegal drugs like cocaine, heroin, marijuana and meth and the legal ones that need medical prescription as xanax, percocet, and the such.

Why is Ritalin on the Drug Enforcement Agency's top ten list of most often stolen prescription drugs?

Because it is basically prescription Crystal Meth, or that's what I hear anyway.

Where do drugs originate?

Most drugs are developed by the government for medical purposes but a lot of them are abused meth , cocaine heroin are all prescription drugs just people started making their own and abusing them in high dosages

Was meth ever legal?

Meth is legal in the from of the prescription drug Desoxlyn (Methamphetamine HCI)

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