What percentage of the body is bone?

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The human body is made up of 15 percent bone. The rest is muscle and fat. Muscle makes up 45 percent of the human body.

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Q: What percentage of the body is bone?
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What is a healthy bone mass percentage?

What is the average bone mass percentage to body weight normal ranges

Definition of body composition?

The percentage of bone, fat and muscle in your individual human body.

What percentage of the human body is made up of connective tissue?

The percentage of connective tissue by volume for the human body is 20.6% (including bone which is a mineralized connective tissue).

Bone percentage of body weight is bone?

Generally, 12-15% of your weight Another source has 8%. Of course the percentage depends greatly on your BMI or your obesity/skinniness. An anorectic will have a much higher bone mass percentage than an obese person.

Where can find the smallest and larger bone in our body?

Smallest bone in the body i stapeslargest bone in the body is thigh bone

What percentage of body weight do the bones compromise?

Only about 8% so if you weigh 50kg only 4kg is bone!

What is the longist bone in your body?

the thigh bone is the longiest bone in our body

What is the larges bone in the body?

your shin bone No. The largest bone in the body is the femur, the bone in the thigh.

What percentage of your body is bone?

That's hard to answer, but I can tell you this. The average body has 206 bones. Makelti Blake- This is a useless answer, whoever wrote the above. Most people know there are 206 bones in the body. Here is your real answer: 30-40% of body weight is made up of bone.

How much of my body in percentage is bone?

In women, bones account for approximately 12% of total body mass. In men, bones account for approximately 15% of total body mass.

What Is The Bigest Bone In The Body?

The Femur (Thigh Bone) is the biggest bone in the body

What is the largest bone in the body?

The largest bone in your body is the femur, which is the longest, as well as the largest bone in your body.

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