What mean by malnutrition?

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Malnutrition is when you are not getting enough nutrients into your body.

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Q: What mean by malnutrition?
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What do you mean by malnutrien?

do you mean "malnutrition"?? If someone is suffering from malnutrition, it means that he/she is physically weak and extremely thin because he has not eaten enough food.

What does malnutrition and dehydration mean?

Malnutrition can mean an unbalanced diet, or insufficient food, or unhealthy foods. Dehydration means not getting enough water.

What does it mean if a food is high in any nutrients?

It is called malnutrition.

Is it dangerous for your dog to eat their own feces?

No, but it can mean they have malnutrition

Why is it difficult to collect accurate data on malnutrition?

First of all we have to define what is malnutrition. It is a subjective term because your malnutrition may be different from mine. In Africa malnutrition may mean getting no food. In Asia it may mean not getting enough food. In Europe and US countries, it may mean lack of nutritious food or vitamins and minerals. This can be a reason why we are not able to collect the accurate data.

What does malnuourished mean?

When you say malnourished , you refer to a person who is suffering from malnutrition .

What does it mean when a dog's nails are yellow?

It is either malnutrition or old age

Malnutrition is the same thing as starving?

It could mean starving. Malnutrition can also be someone who has access to plenty of food, but they eat all the wrong unhealthy foods.

What are the carbohydrates malnutrition?

malnutrition of carbohydrates

What are the types of macronutrient malnutrition?

protein-energy malnutrition or protein-calories malnutrition

What is the advantage of malnutrition?

Malnutrition does not have any advantage

What are the Disadvantages and advantages of malnutrition?

what are the disadvantage and advange of malnutrition

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