What makes you pee a lot?

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caffeine, Diabetes, excitement, nervousness

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Q: What makes you pee a lot?
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Related questions

Do you have a bladder problem if you have to go the bathroom a lot and your pee is white?

no. if you drink a lot of water it causes you to go to the bathroom a lot and it makes your pee white.

Do you pee yourself a lot when you wear pantyhose?

No it makes no difference.

What happens when you drink to many energy drinks?

You get hyper and it makes you pee a lot.

Why is it that some days you pee a lot and somedays you pee less?

you will pee a lot if you drink lot of water

Lately after you smoke weed it makes you pee a lot why is this?

because you touch yourself at night.

Does anxiety make you urinate a lot?

It makes me pee like crazzyyy, I just don't know why.

Do you need to pee a lot before your first period?

Yes sometimes that is a symptom of PMS because when the uterus contracts it pushes on the bladder and makes you have to pee more

Why do onions make your pee smell?

Because they contain a lot of sulfur, which is the element that makes your urine smell.

I drink a lot but don't pee very much?

I drink a lot but don't pee

What makes you pee?

your bladder!

What does it mean when you have to go pee a lot?

You may pee a lot because you are drinking more fluids, have a bladder issue, or you are focusing on the amount of times you have to go pee. Women tend to pee more when they are pregnant. However, just because someone has to pee a lot does not mean that they are pregnant.

Does hot water or cold water make you pee when you are slepping?

Hot water makes you want to pee but cold water actually makes you pee.

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