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Health Care providers provide several services. They provide medical malpractice and professional liability insurance. The also provide risk management services. Their health care service is mainly to prevent malpractice and they offer curative and rehabilitative services.

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Q: What kind of service do health care providers provide?
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What do health care providers provide?

Health care providers offer preventive care, rehab care, informational care, and curative care. They are trained in medicine, nursing and community health.

What is health-care customer service?

it means customer care service delivered in healthcare providers such as clinics and hospitals

What service does Eastern Health provide?

Eastern Health is a network of hospitals and health care providers located in portions of Australia. They offer primary and hospital care, maternity care, drug and alcohol rehabilitation and mental health care as well as ambulance and emergency medical services.

What do United Health Care providers do within their company?

United Health Care providers offer a variety of health care plans to those in the United States. They provide plans for businesses and individuals within their company.

What is health care servicing?

it means customer care service delivered in healthcare providers such as clinics and hospitals

What are the Services that are paid for by taxes called?

1 Service providers eg: mobile communication providers,hospitality service providers,health care ,insurance,banking,contractors etc .

What service does Care UK provide for people?

Care UK provides many different services that are not unlike others offered by health care providers in the country. Physical health check ups and doctor visits are just some of the services provided.

What is a health-care provider?

Health care providers are in the service of 'providing' medical treatment to patients. A provider may be a physician, a DO, nurse practitioner, PA. or such.

Where can you work with health-care studies degree?

Health Care Studies, degree, demonstrate your knowledge and skills to provide quality service in the health care industry. With this degree you can work in various health care setting. You can work as a health service manager, health care administrator, health service coordinator etc.

What are some affordable health care plans?

Some affordable health care plans include medicare and medicaid. These two health care and insurance plans provide the best service and cheapest service.

Secondary health care providers?

Secondary health care providers are medical specialists with specific expertise that your primary care provider will refer you to.

What service does the military health service provide?

Full medical care and treatment to soldiers and their families.

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