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the cardiovascular subsystem

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Q: What is the subsystem that assists the circulatory system?
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It is a subsystem that assists the circulatory system?

it is a subsystem that assist the circulatory system

What are three things that the circulatory system does?

The circulatory system transport waste and nutrients around the body. The circulatory system assists the body in homeostasis. The circulatory system assist the body in defence

What are the subsystems of the circulatory system and what does each subsystem do?

Pulmonary circulatory system pumps the oxygen-depleted blood away from the heart.Systemic circulation is the circulation of the blood to all parts of the body except the lungs.Coronary circulatory system provides a blood supply to the myocardium (the heart muscle).

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What is the five software components of a database management system?

Five software components of a database management system is the DBMS engine, data definition subsystem, data manipulation subsystem, application generation subsystem and data administration subsystem.

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It is a system that is helping the subsystem!

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A subsystem is a component of a larger system.

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inner unit

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