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Pathogens will cause the body to produce antibodies.

Pathogens are organisms that cause disease. Pathogens include bacteria,viruses,and fungi.

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Q: What is the substance that causes the body to produce antibodies?
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A substance that causes the body to produce antibodies?

Antigens cause the body to produce antibodies.

What are materials in plasma?

Plasma is a fluid like substance in the body transports dissolved substances in the body and protects from the diseases.some of the compositions are platelets, vitamins, hormones, antibodies etc..,

Does lymphoid macrophages secrete antibodies into the blood?

There's a lot we don't currently know about lymphoid (ED3) Macrophages but it's relatively safe to assume that they do not have any major role in secreting antibodies. Macrophages tend to engulf and enzymatically destroy foreign objects in the body, this is their major purpose, if that object is coated in antibodies they're better at destroying it but they do not produce those antibodies themselves. The only real way that macrophages affect antibody production is that after destruction of intruder they'll present elements of the intruder to another variety of immune cell which will then go on to produce antibodies, it's also possible that they will produce interleukins or other compounds to upregulate antibody production but again: macrophages are not known to produce antibodies.

What is also known as acquired immunity?

Acquired immunity is a form of immunity gained from bacteria or viruses by the body ITSLEF. Essentially the body has encountered the pathogen (bacteria/virus) and learnt by itself which anti-bodies to produce to fight it. Once the body has found which antibodies are the most effective this information is stored in "memory cells" which, if encounter the same pathogen can quickly make the correct type antibodies to fight the invading pathogen and defeat it quickly. (antibodies are produced by lymphocytes which neutralize toxins and clump bacterium together meaning the phagocytes can engulf them quicker and digest via enzymes) acquired immunity is "natural" including Innate immunity (antibodies passed through placenta/breast milk. artificial immunity includes Active (given modified bacteria which does no harm but body learns how to produce antibodies) and Passive (injected with Antibodies - requires "top-up")

What would provide immunity by causing a body to produce antibodies to the pathogen using a weakened or dead pathogen?

You are giving the definition of a vaccine but not "what is the following to choose from"

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