What is the purpose of slime?

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slime is a type of material, this is like asking the purpose of liquid

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Q: What is the purpose of slime?
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What is the purpose of the slime slugs produce?

to leave a trail if they get lost

What is the purpose of mucus on the scales of fish?

The purpose of slime coating is to protect the fish against disease, infection and minor damage.

What is the purpose be if your doing a science project for green slime?

if u are doing a project on frogs

How do you get a king bubble slime?

Synthesize a king slime and a king cure slime. King Slime=(slime+slime)+(slime+slime) King Cureslime=Megalodon+(any slime, B rank I think) GOOD LUCK!

A thick and gooey liquid?

not slime then cring????

Will slime aliens grow with no slime?

no they need slime. if its a slime alien it needs slime. that's why its called a slime alien. but it will grow in jelly too though

How do you get a grandpa slime dqm?

King Slime + Metal King Slime & King Bubble Slime + Metal Kaiser Slime. NOTE: Grandpa Slime is pretty hard!

What is Nick slime?

Nick slime is nickalodien slime. It's green and sticky

How do you sythe size a darkonium slime?

as i remember it was a [king cure slime+metal king slime] + a [besemoth slime+beshemoth slime] synthesis these two results and you will get a darkonuim slime

What is the purpose of slime on a fish?

The "slime" on a fish is mucus secreted by skin glands to help protect the fish from infections and infestations; it can also help to decrease surface tension, which can help the fish swim more efficiently.

What is the opposite of slime?

No slime.

Where can one play slime games online?

There are several webpages where slime games can be played. Try webpage sites such as 'slime man', 'slime-games' or 'slime soccer game' to play slime games.

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