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vnbnccbvtcgs tyt yty *

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Q: What is the percent of getting pregnant after a tube tie?
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What percent of people can tie a tie?

67 percent

Can you get pregnant after having a tube tie and the other removed with the ovaries and if so how?

If both ovaries were removed then no you can not get pregnant. However if one ovary remains (even with the tube to it tied) there is a remote possibility that you could become pregnant. This is because the body is a dynamic structure and sometimes this leads to unexpected things happening. No form of contraception is 100% certain.

What is getting your fallopian tubes tied?

getting your fallopian tubes tied is a medical procedure in which they tie off a womens fallopian tubes (where the egg gets released through into the womb) so she can not concieve (get pregnant).

Can a female dog get pregnant without a tie or lock. The male was thrusting and mounting but not tying. He did become enlarged but they didnt tie. Is it possible that she could be pregnant?

absolutely possible.

What is the chance of your tongue piercing getting infected if your three months pregnant?

generally pregnancy does not interfere with piercings. if your pregnant and you have your belly button pierced, put a zip tie or long bar in it so the piercing will not tear. its likely that if your tongue is infected that it is not pregnancy related. try getting a long bar, and see if that helps.

What if your tubes are tie and you want to get pregnant?

It will be hard to have kids. You will have to get some surgery to replace em.

How can i get pregnant with my tubes tie cut and brunt?

Either by having a reversal, or by IVF and implantation.

Can you tie your shoelace when you are pregnant?

Yes. It's fine unless your Dr tells you otherwise.

What should you tie back when cooking?

You should tie your hair back when cooking, to prevent loose hairs from getting into the food.

What percent of people in America can't tie their shoe?

We don't really know :P

What is the meaning of tie the knot?

'Tying the knot' means getting married.

Can you have another baby when your tube tie in 2001?

It's not unheard of but highly unlikely unless the procedure has been reversed.

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