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What is the effect of exercise on your flexibility

What is the fibrous connective tissue that holds bones in a joint together

What type of muscle straightens a joint

Which type of cancer is the leading cause of death

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Q: What is the most widely consumed and abused depresant in the world?
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Alcohol is classified as a drug true or false?

Alcohol is one of the most abused psychoactive drugs in the world. It is often ignored as being dangerous since it is legal and widely available. It can act as a gateway drug for people with addictive personalities and lead to the use of illegal drugs. Chemically, it acts as a depressant and is often used by people self-medicating for existing medical conditions like chronic depression or anxiety issues.

Which has the hardest life women or men?

WOMEN!! Though it's hard to believe, we still live in a masculane-based world, and I am NOT just speaking of 3rd world countries. Women are the ones who have to go through childbirth. Women are the ones who experience the tirednss, fatigue, hotflashes, nightsweats, menstruation not because of their jobs, but because the are women. And in 3rd world countries? Women are constantly slandered, abused , cast away, unable to get proper jobs because they are women! And when someone does cre, it's to sell their pretty face to a man like they are property. And juat about all around the world? After working late the night before and taking care of the children the same day, they come home to a dirty house. Why? Because it's the "womens" job . So you tell me which is better.

Is warfarin toxic?

It is the probably the most widely used rat poison in the world! Its anti-coagulant properties cause internal bleeding However, it's not the toxin, it's the dose. In humans, it is used to prevent the formation of blood clots. Like all drugs, it has side-effects. If the prescribed dose is followed, the benefits should far outweigh the potential harm.

Are there more adults or kids in the world?

there are more kids than adults in the world

Who is the thinnest girl in the world world?

the lady with the thinnest waist is Cathie Jung ( she is in world record books)

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