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Q: What is the most important androgen for males?
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What is the most important andrgen for males?

Testosterone is the most important androgen for males.

What is the important androgen for males?


The most important androgen is?

you can try that's usually where i find stuff out sorry!!! The most important androgen is testosterone.

What is the most important androgen?


What does the Leutinizing hormone in males stimulate?

Leutinizing hormone in males stimulates the production of androgens (another type of hormone) by Leydig cells in the testes. The most important androgen it stimulates is testosterone which encourages health and well being in males.

Adrenal glands in males release what?

They release androgen.

What hormones promotes androgen production in both males and females?


When males reach puberty what increases their muscle mass and skeletal development?


What is two hormones which help in reproduction?

Two hormones that help in reproduction would be Estrogen (Females) and Androgen (Males).

Are cellulite legs more common in females or males?

Cellulite is far more common in females than males. In fact, it is considered rare in males, and cellulite is most commonly found in men with androgen deficiencies. Cellulite is estimated to affect eighty to ninety percent of post-adolescent females.

What is androgen?

androgen is a male hormones

How do you increase level of androgen in males?

First of all, there is no such way to increase androgen level in your blood but production can be stimulated by masturbating at least three to four times a week. In many cases this has been to prove effective. Besides masturbating, yoga is another effective method for stimulating androgen production in your body. Androgens give you male sex charestirictics

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