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Q: What is the medical name of a person who studies the cause of death?
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A person who studies death is?

A person who studies death is a thanatologist. If you are talking about a person who studies the business of death and burial, that is a funeral director.

What kind of scientist studies death?

A pathologist studies dead bodies to find out the cause of death.

What are four reasons for an autopsy?

1. Anatomical Studies 2. Find cause of death 3. Condition of health prior to death 4.Determine if medical diagnosis and treatment were appropriate

What is the name of a scientist that studies death?

Pathologists are medical doctors who specialise in the study of causes of death.

What is an ortopsy?

An autopsy, also called a post-mortem examination, is a detailed and careful medical examination of a person's body and its organs after death to help establish the cause of death.

What is the difference between the coroner and the medical examiner?

A coroner is the person investigating the scene to determine the cause of death. A medical examiner examines the body and the condition it's in. In some districts, both titles are held by the same person.

Will a drug overdose cause death?

Yes, a drug overdose will cause death if medical intervention is not sought in good time.

Which medical specialist frequently determines the cause of death?

A pathologist is the physician who may work to determine cause of death when the answer is not obvious.

How could a stroke be a cause of death?

a stroke can cause death, but it will not always kill a person

Why mortuary they takes brains out of a dead person?

They only do that in the Medical Examiner's Office to examine the brain as part of the complete autopsy to determine the cause of death.

Does weed cause death?

For the average, healthy person, one use is very unlikely to cause death. It has never been proven to cause death in any medical studies and has never been the cause of any recorded deaths. Weed causing death is highly unlikely unless you have certain severe health complications already and even then its a very very slim chance. Weed has actually been proven to alleviate the symptoms of some diseases/illnesses/injuries/ect and provides quite a bit of help to cancer patients. Alcohol and tobacco are much more likely to cause death than marijuana.

How does malaria cause death in untreated persons?

How does malaria participate cause death in untreated person

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