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the white spots on fingernails are little spots of calcium

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Q: What is the little white spots on your nails?
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Why is there white spots on your nails?

Because of the design

How can you remove white spots from your nails?

eat protein

Does drinking water get rid of white spots on nails?

No, The white spots under the nails are from lack of calcium. If you have these spots then try drinking milk more frequently, you can also try adding more cheese to your diet or eating yogurt.

What vitamins are helpful for fingernails?

Iron, if you have brittle nails. Zinc, if you have white spots on your nails, also for helping to grow your nails. And B12, for dry and darkened nails.

What are these white spots in your nails?

White spots on your nails, for the most part, happen when they are damaged, primarily when they are still developing underneath and behind your cuticle. Another common reason is lacking Zinc in your diet, which can sometimes cause white marks to appear on you nails, usually for a prolonged period of time.

Why do you have white spots on your finger nails?

nutrient deficiency which nutrient, should I take vitamins?

How do you get rid of white spots on nails?

You can wait for them to grow out (about 3-8 months). You can also moisturize your nails a lot and eat healthfully,

Can nail polish cause white spots on nails?

No the white spots on the nail is from damage to the matrix this is the root of the nail and it will grow out of the nail but it may take some time.

What deficiancy causes white spots in nails?

None. It is a ntural condition without pathological implication

Why do you have white spots on your nails?

that means that you may die horrible or probably even die of laughter.

Do white spots on your nails mean you need more calcium?

yes, try drinking milk.

Why white spots appear on nails?

It is usually an air bubble between your nail plate and nail bed

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