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"This pill is orange, it is bi-sected, and it is a hydrocodone product, like vicodin. It is 7.5 hydrocodone, 325 acetaminophin. Examples: Regular strength vicodin:5/500. Watson 3203 is 7.5/325, norco is 10/325. Norco and their generic equivalent are usually yellow and look just like the orange ones, but the yellows are stronger. Hope this helps."

Norco is a generic name brand of vicodin (there are many different variations). it's important to realize that one name does not equate a strength of hydrocodone but, more accurately, the strength (amount) of acetaminophin (Tylenol). While it's important to realize that the first number is the strength of hydrocodone, the amount of Tylenol is crucial to monitor. One of the most occurring accidental drug overdoses is from taking too much Tylenol (acetaminophin) which can cause serious liver problems that may, or may not be reversible.

Watson 3203 is one of the Hydrocodone/APAP pills manufactured by Watson Pharmaceuticals. There is quite a number of them, different in strengths (both Hydrocodone and Acetaminophen), though all of them can be listed as generic Vicodin (or Lortab, or Norco).

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Q: What is the drug labeled Watson 3203 on the pill?
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What does the Watson 349 pill do?

The Watson 349 pill helps reduce and relieve pain or a fever. The base drug in Watson 349 is Acetaminophen. The Watson 349 is an over-the-counter drug.

What is the name of a pill labeled Watson 387?

The link below will take you to It has a pill identifier.

What are 10Mg Vicodin by Watson called?

A 10mg Vicodin by Watson is called a acetaminophen / hydrocodone 325 mg / 10 mg. This pill is a Watson and is labeled Watson 853 or Watson 540. Consult with someone in the medical profession before consuming an unknown type of pill.

Identify pill Watson 853?

The pill that has Watson 853 on it is a Hydrocodone 325 mg. This pill is used to treat pain.

What is this pink and purple pill labeled A 45?

This pink and purple pill labeled A 45 is an antibiotic named Amoxicillin.

What pill is a very small white round pill with m on top and 15 on bottom nothing on the other side?

If any pill is NOT properly labeled with manufacture, expiry date and drug company detail, please discard it.

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found a pill oval Watson 849

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It is possible to test for hydrocodone, which is the active ingredient in this pill. However, it won't necessarily be tested for.

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The pill that has the imprint Watson 853 is a acetaminophen/hydrocodone. This pill is only prescribed by doctors for pain.

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A white round pill with Watson 749 is a 5mg generic percocet. It contains oxycodone and acetominopen.

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