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Diabetes most likely

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Q: What is the cause for frequent urination itchy feeling when urine and cloudy urine?
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You have frequent urination after stopping diuretics what can be the cause?

frequent urination after stopping hydrochlorithiazide

What does it mean when your excessivly thirsty and have frequent urination?

Some medical conditions that have the symptoms of excessive thirst and frequent urination are diabetes, urinary tract infection, or dehydration. Aspirin poisoning and iron poisoning are two other conditions that may cause excessive thirst and frequent urination.

Can sleeping pills cause frequent urination?

I'm sorry but I had to delete and correct the previous answer that said this is definitely not true. Perhaps that answerer never read the label on a bottle of sleeping pills or knew a woman who suffers from frequent urination after taking them.The truth is that sleeping pills CAN cause frequent urination. Be sure to read the labels because MANY over the counter sleeping pills cause frequent urination and if you're a male with an enlarged prostate, this can cause very serious discomfort. For example, a bottle of Unisom (and many other sleep aids) specifically states: Do not use if you have trouble urinating due to an enlarged prostate. This warning would not be printed on the bottle if the manufacturer did not know that the pills would cause frequent urination.Sleeping pills also increase the likelihood of women urinating more frequently because women tend to have smaller bladders than men and because of this biological fact, women need to urinate more frequently. If the user stops drinking fluids within 3 or 4 hours of bedtime (male or female) they may be able to tolerate sleeping pills however, even this is NO guarantee of relief from frequent urination when taking OTC sleeping pills.Sleeping pills can cause absolute frustration for people who find themselves very drowsy and close to falling asleep but having to get up and go to the bathroom throughout the night. I've suffered through this many times over the years and prefer to use Ambien CR if I've had a couple of weeks of insomnia that didn't remedy itself.So the answer to this question is yes, sleeping pills can cause frequent urination.

Can tea cause frequency in urination?

Yes, tea can cause frequency in urination. Tea is a diuretic. A diuretic is simply a drug that increases the rate of urination. Alcohol is also a diuretic.

Consequence of delay urination?

If you choose to delay urination, this could cause a urinary tract infection. From there, it could cause a kidney infection if you aren't careful.

Related questions

You have frequent urination after stopping diuretics what can be the cause?

frequent urination after stopping hydrochlorithiazide

Does Depo-Provera cause frequent urination?

Depo Provera does not cause frequent urination. See your health care provider for an exam.

Does giving birth to twins cause frequent urination problems?

Childbirth can cause injury to the urethra and the bladder, which would cause frequent urination. Talk to your doctor about treatments and ways to control your frequent urges and see how this can be fixed.

Does pelvic inflammatory disease cause frequent urination?

Urinary tract infection is more likely to cause frequent urination. That's not a typical symptom of pelvic inflammatory disease.

Why does alcohol cause frequent urination?

because there is liquid inside of you.

Can UTI's cause frequent urination?

Yes that is one sign.

Will Cephalexin cause more frequent urination from your dog?


Does methadone cause frequent urination?

This does not generally occur, as a result of taking methadone. However, stopping methadone abruptly, for a few days or more, can cause more frequent urination for some individuals.

Can caffeine cause frequent urination?

Caffeine is a diuretic, so yes.

Can blood pressure medication cause frequent urination?

Blood pressure medicines are also often diuretics. So yes, they can cause frequent urination. If this is becoming a problem for you, ask your doctor to adjust the dose if possible.

Does oxycodone cause frequent urination?

No, actually oxycodone side effects which affect urination usually means that you urinate less.

What are the causes of frequent urination in men?

Although prostate problems can cause frequent urination at night, there are other possible causes. If you diabetic, you will likely experience frequent urination throughout the day and night;. A urinary tract infection could also cause the symptoms you are experiencing. The best thing to do is make an appointment with a doctor, who can run tests to determine the exact cause.

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