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Well, it's just about the same as that of water, because when you

put the average human being in water, he just barely floats in it.

Some people (me, for example) can sink or float depending on how much

air they hold in their lungs, so their density can vary from just

below to just above 1.0 g/cm^3.

Human body density is 61 to 67 pounds per cubic foot. Most people use 64 pounds per cubic foot because it equals 8 squared and 4 cubed.

Water weighs 62.42796 pounds per cubic foot.

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Q: What is the average density of the human body?
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Density of the body refers to what 2 things of the human body?

muscle density and bone density

What is the density of human body?

well i think it depends how much fat you have on your body. fat is less dense than bones and muscle, therefore a fat persons density is lower than an athletic person but an average person should be close to the waters density. (which is 1 in 4 Celcius)

What is the average volume space of the human body?

The human body has a density close to that of water ~ 1000 kg/m^3 an average person weight maybe 70 kg, which gives an approximate body volume of V=m/M = 70/1000 = 0,07 m^3 Although, a human body density could definitely change depending on anything that could be implanted into the body, and since fat can float (think of soap) it should alter the values accordingly.

What has more density water or human tissue?

Density is defined by how compact a particular substance is. In the case of the density of water verses the human body, your body is slightly less dense than water that is why humans can float.

What has the same density as water?

The human body have a density of 62.4 pound per cubic foot, water has ,( to my knolage ) the same density , therefore letting one float on water, so i would have to say the human body is the SAME density as water.... :)

What are facts about liquid density?

in human body blood is liquid

What is the density of human body bone?

1500 kg/m3

Is water less dense than the human body?

The average human body has a density of 1.010 kg/litreThe density of pure water is exactly 1 kg/litreThe density of sea water is 1.025 kg/litreSo the average human is denser than fresh water but less dense than seawater.There are significant differences in density between people, women tend to be less dense than men, muscular people tend to be more dense, fat people tend to be less dense. We can also reduce our density by breathing in deeply.Incidentally dead bodies tend to float after a few days due to the build up of decomposition gases within the body reducing its density.SourcesDensity of human body - of sea water -

What is the average human body mass?

The average human weight is 70 kilograms.

Is human body density greater than water density?

No. The human body's density is very slightly below that of water, as the body contains air pockets that more than make up for the slightly heavier parts, and the rest is just water itself.

How many teeth does the human body have?

the average human body has 32 teeth!

What is the percentage of flesh in the average human body?

The percentage of flesh in the average human body according to my calculations should be 35,74429%

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