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some of it isn't so great , boys drooling when they see them , Back pain , ect . it's not great at all .

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Q: What is so great about having big breasts?
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Why are by breasts so big?

They are big because you have developed faster than most girls, some girls develop breasts and period till they reach 14-15, but you devoloped faster :) its natural, oh you are very lucky to develop so fast and the boys too

Are men more attracted to women with large breasts?

The last answer, was disgusting.{Not all men but yes they do. Men love breasts anyway. Big real breasts can be hard to find and that's what makes it better when they do get them. Also the media has made men fall in love with big breasts because of all the glamour models and how they have advertised big breasts. As a guy I can tell you that guys are attracted to many different things when it comes to women. Me, I love women with large breasts.} So I will imorove that answer. I think that the person who saw that person with large breasts stand out that makes that man want to try to sex with that person. At least that person can be like this アジア美人巨乳女の子写真 の To tell you the truth, this is a real person with big boobs{breasts]

You want to make my breasts size up to 32 nw im having 30 what to do im married on may13 2007 your husband like big sizes pls advise?

pls advice i want to make my husaband happy so pls telll me

How do you get your breasts to grow larger?

You can not grow larger breasts. You can grow the muscles under the breasts with some exercise. So learn to live with the breasts you have.

How do you get your breasts to bounce?

If you have a fairly large breast having them bounce is not a good idea. Doing so will break down the tissue and cause damage. Instead you want to wear a good bra and take care of your breasts. They are not made of rubber.

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You have small breasts but your nipples are big does that mean you will have big breasts?

No, it means that you have a rare gene and guys go crazy for it so have fun

Are Katy perry's breasts real?

Of course her breasts are real. and it's so big and bouncy. Many boys are crazy about her breasts.

Are your breasts too big?

when your boobs become so big they begin to sag

Why are breasts so nice?

Some boys are naturally attracted to *BIG* things -_-

Why are breasts considered part of the female reproductive system?

there so big and lovely

Why are boob's so big?

When girls become mothers they use their breasts to produce milk for their babies. The material in their breasts turns into milk.

Are big breasts better then small breasts?

Depends on the individual--some like larger breasts, some smaller and some people like a variety of sizes. I believe that smaller breasts are better. Bigger breasts tend to look disgusting and not proportional. They tend to look fatty, not round, and tend to get in the way. Smaller breasts are tend to be sexier and more proportional to the female they belong to. big breasts could sometimes tend to reveal easily so small are better i have big breasts; size 3d. big breasts are nice, but do get in the way. what you want is not too small, but not too big. what you're looking for is around b-c. d is'nt all bad, it gives you something to suck on when you're horny ;) As a guy I prefer big breasts but not huge breasts. For me it is something extra to play with before and during sex. However remember that there is a woman attached to those breasts so do not ignore her.

Do apes have breasts?

Human great apes female breasts have two functions, to lure males and to nurse babies. Non-human great apes have smarter males so only have expanded breasts during nursing.

Why woman won't big breast surgery?

Some women want big breast surgery because they are unhappy with the breasts they were given. So, they opt for getting their breasts surgically enhanced.

Why are girls so big boobed?

When girls become mothers they use their breasts to produce milk for their babies. The material in their breasts turns into milk.

Why are midget's breasts so big?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. They have smaller bodies, so their boobs look bigger and unproportional. (:

Do your breasts remain big after you have a baby?

Who cares they are only on your body so men can suckle on them

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