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Platelets are important for blood clotting. Along with these platelets there are various blood clotting factors which helps to clot the blood.

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Q: What is required for synthesis of blood clotting factors?
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The nutrient essential for synthesis of several blood clotting factors is?

vitamin K

The fat-soluble vitamin that is responsible for the synthesis of blood-clotting factors by the liver is?


How many clotting factors are required for blood to clot?


The fat-soluble vitamin that is responsible for synthesis of blood clotting factors by the liver is?

vitamin K

Cell fragments required for normal clotting?

The healing effect of blood clotting of surface wounds comes as a result of blood chemistry and its solids. The solids themselves are cell fragments known as platelets. The clotting action is aided by plasma clotting factors.

What is blood without its clotting factors?

It is still blood, just without platelets. It still contains the red blood cells and plasma, which are valuable for use even without the clotting factors. Plasma without clotting factors is serum.

What blood cell is required for clotting?


Does whole blood have clotting factors?

no not really

Blood cell required for the clotting process?

The Blood vessel

What is the portion without blood clotting elements called?

blood serum is blood plasma without the fibrinogen or blood clotting factors

Which type of blood component is involved in the initiation of clotting?

The chief plasma component to the clotting of blood is the platelet. The additional components include blood clotting factors.

How do antibiotics affect blood clotting?

In order for certain clotting factors( factors 2,7,9,and 10) to be synthesized in the liver Vit K must be present. Synthesized with the aide of our normal flora in our intestines, vit K synthesis can be compromised with the introduction of antibiotics that are generally non-discriminative towards bacteria in your body, killing both "good" and "bad" bacteria. Thus without vit k synthesis, necessary clotting factors are not synthesized either and can lead to the inability of your blood to clot as it normally would.

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