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If he is your brother in law then his sister is your sister in law. So your sister in law's daughter would be your niece.

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Q: What is relationship name for your brother in law's sister's daughter?
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Your brother adopted you what would be your relationship to his inlaws?

If your brother adopted you, you are his son or daughter and his in-laws are your grandparents by adoption.

What relationship is your brother in laws mother to you?

Your mother's brother is your uncle. Your father is his brother-in-law but he could also have other brothers-in-law. These would be men married to his other sisters, or the brothers of his wife. If they are men who married his other sisters, they are your uncles. If they are brothers of his wife, they are not related to you.

What is your brother in laws daughters husband to you?

There would be no relationship as you do not share a common ancestor. If your brother-in-law is married to your sister, then her daughter is your niece, her husband would be referred to as your niece's husband.

Is your sister in laws brother your brother-in-law?

No, there is no relationship between the two of you.

Your brother in laws daughter is how far in the family tree?

If your brother-in-law's daughter is by your sister, she is your niece. If your brother-in-law's daughter is by someone else, she is genealogically not in your family tree.

What is your mother in laws brother to your daughter?

great uncle inlaw

What is your daughter-in-law's sister to you?

Your daughter-in-laws sister. There is no relationship as you do not share a common ancestor.

What relation to you is your son-in-laws brother?

There is no genealogical relationship. He is just your son-in-law's brother.

What are the laws on a brother and sister sharing a room?

There are no US laws prohibiting brothers and sisters from sharing a room.

Can you date your brother in laws brother?

Yes, you are only related by marriage. There have been marriages of sisters who marry brothers.

Is it weird if someone goes out with their sisters fiancee's brother?

Not at all. There are many men and women who date and consequently marry the siblings of their brother-in-laws and sister-in-laws. Some folks may find it strange to "keep it in the family", but there are many success stories of this nature. Technically, your brother or sister's in-laws are not YOUR in-laws, and you have no real legal relationship to them. If my fiancee had a nice brother for me to set my younger sister up with, I'd go for it in a heart-beat.

What is a relationship between myself and my wife's sister husband?

You are brother in laws.

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